LA provides and ensures a professional and integrated service, which covers the needs of the activities of its institutional clients and individuals, national and foreign, counting on the collaboration, under the regime of Out of Counsel, of several professionals experienced in the areas of action of LA.

The LA advocacy team, with diverse contexts and backgrounds, provides a high level of experience in many areas, in particular.

▹Banking / Financial Law
LA provides legal advice to its clients in its relationship with banking institutions, insurance companies and financial institutions in general, guaranteeing legal advice in the preparation and renegotiation of bank contracts and financial agreements.
▹Corporate / Commercial Law
LA provides its clients with all services of creation and establishment of companies or branches, elaboration of social pacts, legal follow-up of meetings of shareholders, quota assignment agreements, changes in management or corporate governance, mergers of companies, planning and execution of company mergers, dissolution and liquidation of companies.
▹Tax Planning
LA has extensive experience in advising its Clients on the tax planning of their affairs and business, always looking for the best fiscal solution.
▹Credit recovery
LA has created a top service in litigation and credit recovery, managing the entire negotiation process, establishing guarantees and following up on the payment plans signed.
▹Real Estate Law
The LA team has extensive experience in Real Estate Law, especially in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate, including the preparation and preparation of all documentation necessary for the completion of the business and the most advantageous tax treatment for the Client .
▹Civil Law
LA renders with the greatest competence all legal services related to all civil law, contracts in general, consumer rights, leases, contracts for the operation of establishments and stores, as well as liability for traffic accidents, compensation claims for damages, defective purchases of products or services, etc.
▹Inheritance Law
LA also provides full legal support for inventories and inheritances, real estate registrations, civil registry endorsements, property searches and documentation.
▹Labor law
LA has many years of experience in the labor field, including employment contracts, redundancies, disciplinary proceedings, suspension of workers, workers’ rights and guarantees, holidays and absences, internal company regulations, negotiation with labor unions and work accidents.
▹Immigration Law
LA also provides all necessary legal services to foreign citizens who wish to invest or simply reside in Portugal, thus benefiting from a residence permit in the European Community Area or, furthermore, the application for Portuguese nationality.
▹Nationality Requests / Gold Visas
LA has a team dedicated to providing the best legal assistance for foreigners who wish to apply for a Gold (Golden Visa) visa in Portugal, in order to prepare and handle all documentation for the application until the procedure is finalized. LA also has competence in the advising and treatment of requests of nationality to its foreign Clients, resident or not in Portugal.
▹Criminal law
LA has a team specially dedicated to the monitoring and treatment of criminal matters of its Customers, ensuring a careful, discreet and personalized advice on criminal matters.
▹Family Law and Minors
LA provides legal services in matters of Family and Minors, namely, friendly or litigious divorces, agreements to regulate parental responsibilities, breaches of agreements, maintenance, alteration of visits regime, among others.
▹Maritime Law
LA has extensive experience in all specific issues of Maritime Law, namely, boat licenses, sailing and other licenses, entry permits and permanence in marinas in Portuguese seas.